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From Cell Phone Coverage to Capacity
Lord & Company is well positioned for the biggest industry up-grade in decades

• 100 million Smartphones sold last year
• More than 250 million Smartphones will be sold next year
• In 10 years a billion Smartphones will be sold annually

From Coverage to Capacity

The Demand for Signal is Overwhelming

  • Shift from Coverage to Capacity or from Voice to Data
  • The entire national infrastructure will need up-dating
  • New 4G data-oriented network architecture
  • Voice is secondary Apps, images, video and streaming are all important
  • No matter how many towers are erected there will always be indoor spaces that are without adequate coverage
  • 70%-80% of all cell calls/connections are made from in-side buildings
  • 4G signal penetrates building less than current technologies
  • The greener it gets (LEEDS) the more difficulty the signal has penetrating the building's outer skin
  • Perfect opportunity for In-Building DAS

Lord and Company Technologies services all major players with In-Building cell coverage:

  • The Carriers
  • Manufacturers
  • Tower Companies
  • Global System Integrators
  • CRE Developers
  • Federal and Municipal


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