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In-Building Life-Safety/Public Safety Radio Systems
Lord & Company is an industry leader

Providing instant communications in every imaginable locale, from the deepest basements and tunnels to the engine rooms of Navy ships to big city hi-rise buildings — we've done it all.

L&CT is one of very few vendors in the country that has designed and installed RF communication life-safety systems that have performed under the most extreme conditions for years without failure. Our systems have survived catastrophic emergencies, where the last available standing means of communicating was an L&CT-designed and installed in-building wireless system. The results cannot be discounted — our systems have saved many lives.

What separates L&CT from the competition?

We have created systems for commercial and government, both domestically and internationally, including National Security Agency (NSA) projects. With all this varied and extensive experience at our disposal, we are confident that our system will be the best possible to meet any building requirements without exceeding your budget. Consider the following:

  • L&CT has more technical knowledge and experience; therefore, our custom designs for your systems are more efficient and cost-effective.
  • public safetyL&CT relies on our experience to design and customize innovative solutions for your communications needs. We also have relationships with multiple vendors that allow for a more creative solution, while other companies tend to rely on standard solution sets. We do what is right for the customer.
  • L&CT’s solutions are flexible, easy to augment if necessary and can be maintained with ease. Other companies’ solutions tend to be inflexible and more difficult or impossible to maintain.
  • L&CT’s systems are designed to meet utilitarian requirements of local governments and management companies, while they exceed requirements for reliability, flexibility and scalability.
  • L&CT’s system support facility, in Virginia, is local to the mid-Atlantic region.
  • L&CT’s design team features some of the most experienced and proven designers in the country, many having been with us since our inception.
  • L&CT was producing public safety radio systems years before the current trend.
  • And most important, our solutions have the ability to maintain their reliability under extreme emergency conditions.

L&CT has done it all in RF communications

We design, install, optimize and troubleshoot virtually any kind of system that involves wireless communication. We have extensive expertise with systems integration, including in-building/tunnel systems, shipboard, and in-building public safety radio systems. The following scenarios represent a cross-section of L&CT solutions for our wide range of clients:

PROBLEM: No public safety radio or cell phone communications in the service tunnels below the nation’s Capitol.

SOLUTION: L&CT installed and supports and maintains an extensive emergency radio communications system in the tunnels below the U.S. Capitol complex. Our system, which includes complete handheld radios (150 MHz – 1 GHz systems) and Nextel cell phone coverage, offers extraordinary reliability under extreme conditions:

  • Well over two miles of heliax and radiax cabling
  • Constant 160 degree F heat
  • 60 feet below the surface

PROBLEM: Weak to non-existent mobile radio coverage in many areas of a U.S. Navy ships.

SOLUTION: Outfit the ships with a ship-board distributed antenna system to ensure complete mobile radio coverage in every compartment of the vessel.

  • To date, we have outfitted six U.S. Navy ships, bow to stern, with reliable handheld radio communications systems.
  • Any communications from the ship’s crew anywhere on board is loud and clear to the Captain on the bridge.
  • These systems were completely designed, installed and supported by Lord & Company Technologies.

PROBLEM: Security and first responder personnel in the nine-building Smithsonian Museum complex could not communicate with each other using their mobile radios and cell phones.

SOLUTION: Lord & Company Technologies installed and distributed antenna systems and bi-directional amplification in all the Smithsonian Institution buildings including the National Zoo.

  • Very exacting work in historical buildings
  • Significant engineering challenges imposed by historical preservation regulations
  • All work was done without interruption to the Institute or the public

PROBLEM: Carnival Cruise Line crew members were unable to communicate instantly from any location on the ship using low-powered hand-held radios. This capability is critical to passenger safety and comfort.

SOLUTION: Lord & Company Technologies outfitted eleven cruise ships with a shipboard-distributed antenna system to insure complete mobile radio coverage in every compartment.

  • This wireless communication system was completely designed, installed and supported by Lord & Company Technologies.
  • After a disastrous on-board fire, our system was the only means of communication on the vessel.

PROBLEM: Municipalities in the mid-Atlantic region now require distributed antenna systems and bi-directional amplification in all new high-rise buildings for first responders.

SOLUTION: Lord & Company Technologies, with its extraordinary background in life-safety RF communications systems, has become the region’sgo-to” company for commercial real estate developers that need to satisfy these new city and county ordinances for new construction.



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